Pam Pack Shuts Out The Redskins

On Wednesday, September 11th, the Manteo Redskins traveled to the town of Lil’ Washington to take on the Pam Pack. This would be the first time in over a decade the two teams would face-off as annually scheduled contest seemed to fall by the wayside once Manteo became a 1A school. Manteo reached out to reconnect with Washington, looking to play top tier programs in Eastern North Carolina. The Pam Pack would give Manteo exactly what they were looking for as Washington is currently ranked second in the state for 2A classification.

Manteo was eager to get back into the swing of things after a long lay off due to Hurricane Dorian. Manteo’s last game was played on Thursday, August 29th, That game was proceeded by the long Labor Day weekend in which Manteo did not practice for four days. Upon returning to school that Tuesday, September 3rd, Manteo was not allowed to practice as all after school activities were canceled due to the evacuation order for the Hurricane. Manteo would return to school the following Tuesday to squeeze in one practice before traveling to Washington the following day.

Manteo kicked off, and the Pam Pack patiently sat back behind mid-field and waited, showing early signs of discipline. Manteo connected a few passes in the midfield before looking to go forward but the early defensive shape of Washington easily shut it down. They quickly morphed into their offensive shape and took possession looking to exploit the width of the field early on with an overlapping attack down the left flank. While their initial attack came to nothing but a goal-kick, they continued the idea through the first half earning the better of the attacking opportunities.

Fifteen minutes into the game, Washington took the lead. A long throw-in placed the ball into Manteo’s box. While Manteo won the ball in the air initially, they failed to truly clear it, popping it back outside the box for a Pam Pack mid-fielder. The mid-fielder quickly struck the ball out of the air on the volley, smashing it into the right-upper corner of the goal before the Manteo keeper could react.

Five minutes later, the Pam Pack would strike again with another long throw-in. Manteo defenders failed to protect their keeper’s space, and the Manteo keeper failed to own the six-yard box. The tall attacker of the home-side easily won the ball in the air inside the six-yard box and flicked it on with his head right past the Manteo keeper.

Manteo earned a handful of attacking opportunities in the first half but they either sent their shots sailing high over the bar, or they were directed straight at the keeper.

Manteo entered the half down by a score of 2-0.

The first 20 minutes of the second half was dreadful for the Redskins. The Pam Pack picked them apart in the back with precision through balls and combination play, scoring three more goals in those twenty minutes. Washington was not racking up a plethora of shots on goal, but when they did shoot, they were bullets to the back of the net.

In the final twenty minutes of the game, Manteo settled into playing proper soccer again. They tightened up their formation, kept the ball on the ground and connected passing strings through the layers of their formation. They earned good looks on target and a goal that was called back on a questionable offsides call. In the end, Manteo would lose by a score of 5-0.

Team Stats
Possession %
Attacking Transitions
Free Kicks
Successful Passes
Pass Success Rate

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “This was a frustrating loss because we are so much better than what we showed. We definitely looked like we had only had one practice in the last 12 days. We have to do better in our defensive third. We are giving up way to many goals, way too easy, and on the other end, we need quality shots on target and not wasted opportunities. Washington made every shot count. On a positive note, it was a tale of two teams where we are starting four freshmen and they are rolling with ten seniors. In reflection, the stats show a 50% possession, which is terrific against a top-quality team like that. It just didn’t seem like it at the moment because of the way they capitalized on their opportunities. We had two great practices after this loss, and we are ready for rivalry week.”

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