Conference Play Begins For Manteo

On Monday, September 30th, the Red Barons of Gates County bused onto the island to take on your Manteo Redksins in the conference game opener. While Manteo has struggled in non-conference play so far this year, the beginning of conference play is seen as a fresh start and an opportunity to defend their conference title.

From the kick-off, Manteo dominated possession through combination play. They often opted for one-two combinations to pass around defenders and play the ball into space going forward. When there was no space to play forward, Manteo showed patience in their build-up, dropped the ball back, and switched fields along their backline. The Barons struggled to defend the combination play, allowing a plethora of shots on goal for the home-side.

Noah Goetsch got the Redskins rolling early on in the first five minutes with his first goal of the evening. Yeifer Perez stepped up to win a punt in the midfield and quickly played the ball to Goetsch on the ground. Goetsch executed a one-two combination wit Carter Calvio around the midfield defender. Calvio played Goetsch into space behind the line and Goetsch calmly placed the ball beyond the goalkeepers reach and into the back of the net.

Manteo’s second goal entailed beautiful combination play that involved all levels of the formation. The possession began with Oscar Rivera winning a header off a punt and Perez cleaning it up to find Brandon Gonzalez-Martinez in the middle. Gonzalez-Martinez quickly squared the ball over to Goetsch. With a pressing defender, Goetsch dropped the ball back to Alex Tovar in the right-back position. Tovar played forward down the line to a showing right-winger, Trent Hayman. Hayman one touched the ball back inside to Goetsch on a diagonal show. Goetsch then played Hayman on the one-two into space down the right flank. Hayman again one-timed it on a diagonal pass, playing Calvio into the 18-yard box. One on one with the keeper, Calvio finished nicely in the right corner of the goal. Calvio found the space to receive through the line as a striker, Andrew Hayman, held the center-back on the offside of the box.

Andrew Hayman would earn his goal next by first playing a holding striker role, then laying the ball off on the left flank as Calvio overlapped Aldo Herrera down the wing. Calvio took a touch down the wing and into the 18-yard box as Hayman peeled off a run back towards the middle of the box. Calvio crossed it in, finding Hayman open in the middle. Hayman easily headed the ball into the back of the net.

Richard Hernandez would later score off a cross from Goetsch and followed by Brayan Hernandez scoring off a cross from Hayman. Trent Hayman scored his first goal of the evening by picking the pocket of the goalkeeper as he tried to play short on a goal-kick. Hayman intercepted the pass and placed the ball in the back of the net.

Goetsch earned his second goal by making a deep run through the midfield to receive the ball in space behind the Baron backline. He again found himself one on one with the goalkeeper and placed it under the keeper’s hand.

Aldo Herrera earned his goal on the evening by working with Ivy Midgett to displace the ball from the left-back on another short goal kick. Midgett forced a poor touch as the defender tried to make a move around him. Herrera was there to steal it away and go to the goal. It was another easy one on one finish for the Redskins.

Trent Hayman earned his second goal on the night by smashing one home into the left top bin of the goal after Justin Ortega laid the ball off for him just outside the 18-yard box.

With a 9-0 scoreline with five minutes remaining in the first half, Manteo eased up and lost a bit of focus allowing Gates to send the ball down into their defensive third and earn a throw-in. On the resulting throw-in, a poor clearing header by the Manteo backline sent the ball bouncing back across the top of the box. The home-side defenders and goalkeeper were all caught on their heels as a Gates County attacker struck the ball one time on the half volley, and bent the ball into the back of the net.

It did not take Manteo long to respond to the goal with only a few minutes remaining in the half. Trent Hayman was looking to cement his first varsity hat-trick when his shot rang off the post and bounced out wide of the six-yard box. Hayman tracked down his own rebound and crossed the ball back across the box. Jonathan Escobar-Diaz awaited the ball to drop out of the air. He volleyed the ball into the back of the net with his left foot for his first varsity goal.

The half would end with a scoreline of 10-1, resulting in a mercy ruling, ending the game.

Team Stats
Possession %
Attacking Transitions
Free Kicks
Successful Passes
Pass Success Rate

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “Our movement patterns and passing execution were beautiful throughout the game. We have been working hard on those movements and combinations the last couple weeks and it was great to see it executed. I was disappointed that we lost focused and gave up a goal we should not have given up. We still have yet to stay focused for a complete game but we will need to do so to accomplish our goals on the season.”

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