Camden Over Manteo In Penalty Kicks

On Wednesday, October 2nd, your Manteo Redskins traveled into Camden County to take on the Bruins for their second of eight conference games. Both teams won their first conference fixture and were sitting at 1-0 in the conference table. Anyone who follows the Albermarle Athletic Conference in soccer knows that the conference title is a race between Manteo, Camden, and Edenton. Each time these teams match up is vital to the title race.

The game kicked off with Manteo controlling possession early and working the ball down into Camden’s final third, winning a throw-in. A long throw-in from Andrew Hayman was headed in the center of the 18-yard box and bounced across to the far post for an awaiting Aldo Herrera. With an open goal, the ball was headed straight up over the bar less than a minute into the game.

Minutes later, A. Hayman would turn the corner on the left flank to chip a short cross across the box to Trent Hayman. T. Hayman looked to volley it out of the air from six-yards out but the ball sailed just wide of the far post.

Seven minutes into the half, A. Hayman displaced the ball from a mistouch from the Bruin center-back. A. Hayman burst through the backline of the Bruin defense with only the keeper to beat. He fired off a crushing line-drive shot on target. The keeper got a quick, strong hand on the ball that deflected it wide of the post.

The storyline for much of the first half would remain the same. Manteo dominated possession through combination play, earned quality chances at goal, but could not finish. The exact opposite of Camden was the case.

On one of the few times that Camden crossed the midline with the ball in possession, their striker tried to dribble through Manteo’s backline. Center-back, Yeifer Perez, stepped up and made a standing tackle on the ball, pushing the ball rolling back out into the midfield. As the ball slowly rolled into space, a Bruin defensive midfielder sprinted full speed towards the ball and fired off a rocket of a shot from 40 yards out. The screamer laced the back of the Manteo net just under the crossbar to give a jubilant Camden team a 1-0 lead.

Through the rest of the first half, Manteo continued to dominate the ball and get quality looks at goal, but they were unable to finish past the senior goalkeeper of the Bruin’s team.

The first half ended with Manteo down by a score of 1-0. Even though Manteo controlled the half, they seemed lifeless for the most part as if they were just going through the motions. Camden on the other hand, played like their season depended on it.

A refocused and reenergized Manteo squad came out in the second half, dominating even more of the ball as Camden looked to park the bus and protect their 1-0 lead.

In the second half, it was difficult for Manteo to find any time or space to get off a shot around the 18-yard box with it packed with eight defenders. They often looked to combo down the wing and cross balls into the box, but they struggled to win the balls cleanly in the air off of the service.

The second half wanned on as Manteo still trailed due to a combination of poor finishing from Manteo attackers and good goalkeeping on the Bruin side.

With less than ten minutes remaining in the game, Manteo finally equalized with a beautiful goal by Carter Calvio. A. Hayman took another long throw in the box that was deflected back out wide to Calvio. Calvio took his collecting touch towards goal and around his defender. He then picked his head up to find his target and a sliver of space to slot the ball through the sea of bodies packed in the box. He curled the ball into the far post side netting to tie the game at 1-1.

In the remaining minutes, the ball stayed down in Manteo’s attacking third unless Camden was able to clear it out for a split second. There were scrambles in the box, shots on target, shots sent well over the bar, missed headers and volleys, but no goals. Manteo could not finish in the wanning minutes of the game, nor could they net one in the two, five minute overtime periods.

The game would come down to penalty kicks.

Camden’s goalkeeper was fired up to put his skills to the test and he came up big on with a save on Manteo’s first penalty kick. Camden kickers made their first four shots, as Yeifer Perez and Trent Hayman made shots two and three for Manteo. Down 4-2 in penalties, Manteo’s fourth kicker stepped up to the ball, needing a goal to keep them in it. His shot was struck low and hard but it clanked off the bottom left up-right and skipped wide. The Camden side rushed in to celebrate their first win over Manteo in four years.

Team Stats
Possession %
Attacking Transitions
Free Kicks
Successful Passes
Pass Success Rate

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, ” While the stats might suggest we deserved to win, we did not win and we did not deserve it. I told the team all week to come out fired up for this game and take it to them early on. I told them, for Camden, this is their Champions League final. All they care about is beating Manteo. I told them to fight hard for an early goal because every minute the game remains 0-0 with Camden, feeds into their style of play and exactly how they want things to go. We did not come out fired up and focused. We came out flat for an entire first half; against our conference rivals. It is unacceptable. We act like we can just show up and win. We act like we have accomplished something already this year but we have done nothing all year. Too many players are living in the past and not focused enough on what it takes to stay on top. Our mental make-up, focus, and passion for the game have to change for the better if we want to salvage this season.”

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