Redskins Pummel the Pirates

On Monday, October 7th, your Manteo Redskins hosted the Perquimans Pirates. On a beautiful fall evening, the game kicked off with Manteo in early control of the ball. It did not take long for Manteo to find the back of the net after a couple of failed early attempts.

The first goal began with Yeifer Perez winning the ball in the midfield off a long punt. Perez controlled the ball to the ground and picked his head up to quickly play Carter Calvio showing to the ball in the midfield. Calvio received and turned forward to play the holding striker, Andrew Hayman. Hayman squared the ball out wide to a left-winger, Aldo Herrera. Hayman made a diagonal run out wide as Herrera played him down the line. The defender knocked the ball against Hayman but it fell to an overlapping Herrara who then dropped it back to Calvio showing in support. Calvio picked his head up and curled a cross into the box to find an awaiting Noah Goetsch. The ball was placed right on Goetsch’s head, and Goetsch placed the ball past the keeper and in the left side-netting.

Sitting on an early 1-0 lead and controlling the game, Manteo lost focus early on to allow the Pirates to equalize. Perquimans first earned a corner kick by sending a long ball through the backline of Manteo and having their speedy striker run it down and send it off the pressing defender.

Manteo set up in their corner-kick defense but did little defending. The corner kick was curled in towards the back post inside the six-yard box. Everyone on the Manteo side stood there either watching the ball or looking for someone else to clear it out. A Pirate crashed in on the far post and headed the ball into the back of the net from two yards out.

With the score equalized early on, Manteo became rejuvenated to make a point in terms of the score. The rest of the half was a barrage of shots and goals from the home side, making for a 9-1 scoreline at half-time.

The style of play was proper and pretty from Manteo, including combination play, a bombardment of crosses, and shots on target.

The game would end ten minutes into the second half, as Brayan Hernandez-Ramirez cleaned up a bouncing ball inside the six-yard box, ending the game in a mercy ruling scoreline of 10-1.

Noach Goetsch leads the way with four goals, Carter Calvio with two goals and two assists, Brayan Hernandez with two goals, Andrew Hayman with one goal, Aldo Herrera with one goal, and Jonathan Escobar-Diaz pitching in with one assist.

Team Stats
Possession %
Attacking Transitions
Free Kicks
Successful Passes
Pass Success Rate

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, ” We are becoming consistent in our attacking style of play but I am disappointed to give up an easy goal simply off lack of focus and effort. We need to attack every ball in the air with the intention to win it every time whether offensively or defensively. We are still searching for a game that is played well with a complete focus for 80 minutes.”

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