Manteo Makes A Statement

On Monday, October 21st, Manteo faced off against conference rivals, Camden. In their previous fixture, Camden beat Manteo in penalty kicks after drawing 1-1. Manteo dominated the game, but Camden’s keeper stepped up, making a plethora of saves against the 33 Manteo shots. In retrospect, Manteo seemed to overlook the Bruins as they were not exactly fired up to play in the first half and soon found themselves in a 1-0 hole that they were never able to fully climb out of.

Both teams entered the rematch with one conference loss on their record as Camden fell to Edenton in the previous week. Manteo understood that the road to the conference title was wide open as they control their own destiny if they could win out in conference play. With the conference title hanging in the balance, Manteo came out focused and fired up to win.

Upon kickoff, Manteo settled in early, controlling the ball mostly in Camden’s defensive half. In the first ten minutes, despite controlling possession and negating Camden from any real attacking transitions, Manteo only earned one quality shot on target from Noah Goetsch, but the Bruin goalkeeper swallowed it up.

Fifteen minutes into the game, Manteo caught a break with an unusual error from the Camden keeper. Andrew Hayman launched a long throw-in into the 18-yard box, targeting Noah Goetsch. Goetsch rose up above his defender to win the ball in the air but slightly mishit the placement of his header. The ball looped upwards towards the goal. The Camden goalkeeper backpedaled and tried to punch the ball over the crossbar but he stumbled just before his jump, negating the force of the punch. The ball hit off the fist of the keeper, then off the bottom of the crossbar and bounced into the back of the net.

An early goal was just what Manteo needed against the defensive-minded Bruins. It would force them to open their defensive formation up a bit in an effort to get forward and equalize.

Five minutes after taking the 1-0 lead, Manteo would double it off another throw-in. This time, it was Trent Hayman taking the throw down in the attacking third along the right flank. Hayman tossed it to Carter Calvio showing for the ball just outside the box. Calvio brought it down with a collecting touch while protecting it from his marker. A second defender began to step towards Calvio on the ball and as he did, Calvio slotted Trent Hayman on a short diagonal ball wide towards the end line. Trent Hayman sent a curling cross into the top of the six-yard box, targeting his brother, Andrew Hayman. Andrew Hayman volleyed the ball out of the air first time, clanking it off the bottom of the crossbar, and back across the goal line for Manteo’s second goal.

With an early two-goal lead in the game, Manteo was fully energized and looking for more. The Manteo defense stayed stout and focused at the back, limiting Camden to only a couple of shots on target, of which Steven Ortega had no problem collecting in goal.

Midway through the first half, Manteo earned their third goal of the evening off of a beautiful counter-attack. Calvio received the ball in the center midfield and turned to dribble forward down the middle. As he did, two Camden defenders were chasing him down from his right side, pushing him out towards the left. Andrew Hayman had been making a run in the left slot and drawing two defenders of his own off the ball. As Calvio drew his dribble towards the left, Hayman made a diagonal run back into the middle. Just as they crossed paths, Calvio slid a perfectly timed ball between the two defenders and behind the line, into space for Hayman to run on to. The ball was so well waited, it sat perfectly with Hayman’s natural stride towards goal. His first touch was his shot from just behind the penalty marker and he crushed it past the goalkeeper.

Andrew Hayman was feeling good after two first-half goals and he was putting in a quality shift up top, working incredibly hard to make things happen. Good things happen for those that work hard, and that is just how Hayman earned a first-half hat-trick.  A Bruin midfielder made a pass back to their center-back. The central defender took his time to round the ball in an effort to turn it out wide. After taking a poor first touch, Hayman had sprinted in to close the gap and steal the ball off the last defender’s foot. Hayman headed straight to the goal, angling in towards the near post on the right side. As the goalkeeper came out, Hayman chipped it over the keeper and into the far side of the goal to give Manteo a 4-0 half-time lead.

The Bruins looked to be more aggressive going forward at the start of the second half. They earned more time on the ball in the midfield from their efforts but they struggled to figure out how to penetrate the backline of the Manteo defense.

As the Manteo defense held strong, the Redskin’s attack continued to probe the Bruin defense but struggled to find quality shots in the first fifteen minutes of the second half. Noah Goetsch changed the momentum of the game midway through the second half with a world-class goal from twenty yards out.

Brandon Gonzalez-Martinez started the possession out by winning the ball back in the defensive third and then weaving between several defenders before playing forward to Calvio sitting in the center midfield. Calvio had time to turn and face the Bruin defense and eyed Richard Hernandez streaking down the left-wing. Calvio sent a beautiful diagonal ball out wide to Hernandez that split two of Camden’s defenders. Hernandez took his first touch in towards the near post, working the ball down into the 18-yard box but the defender did a great job of closing the gap. Hernandez cut it back and then laid it off to Goetsch filling in behind him in support of the ball. Goetsch took a set up touch to his right side and struck a shot just before the defender reached the ball. The ball knuckled upwards at first and then dropped out of the sky to find the top bin in the upper ninety right side. The team rushed in to celebrate that amazing shot. It was a crushing blow that seemed to demoralize Camden, leaving the rest of the game wide open for Manteo.

Manteo went on to score two more goals in the remaining time. Andrew Hayman scored his fourth goal after Brian Estrada-Tovar sent a long free-kick into the 18-yard box. Goetsch won it first in the air, headed it softly over to Hayman in the six-yard box, and then Hayman headed it just over the outstretched fingertips of the goalkeeper.

Andrew Hayman finished off his big night with an assist to Aldo Herrera after he drove the end line with the ball and then cut it back into the six-yard box for a crashing Herrera. Herrera won the ball first amidst several defenders and the goalkeeper and he smashed it into the back of the net, just under the crossbar.

The game would end with a 7-0 result in favor of Manteo.

Team Stats
Possession %
Attacking Transitions
Free Kicks
Successful Passes
Pass Success Rate


Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “We felt like we should not have lost the first time to Camden. We just could not finish and their goalkeeper had a great game. We were also lacking the focus and intensity needed to play to our full potential. Tonight, we wanted to not only win but to make a statement. We were fired up from the start and it showed in our play. Our boys are buying in and we are playing our best soccer at just the right time. If we continue to play with focus and intensity, we will be a great team.”


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