Manteo Continues Conference Play

On Wednesday, October 23rd, your Manteo Redskins traveled to the town of Hertford to take on the Perquimans Pirates. In their previous fixture, the Redskins ended the game early with a 10-1 victory. The Pirates would put up a better fight on their home field by being more defensive-minded with some of their better athletes playing more defensive positions.

Right from the start, Manteo controlled possession, looking to maximize the space on the wide field and create large passing lanes. While the Redskins did a great job of creating the passing lanes, they struggled early on to execute accurate passes to each other as passes often were played to the feet of the opposition.

Ten minutes into the game, the Perquimans goalkeeper saw his fair share of action already, making some quality saves. Aldo Herrera got the Redskins on the board by volleying in a cross that was sent in by Brayan Hernandez-Ramirez. As the ball sailed into the top of the six-yard box, the keeper chose to stay on his line as Herrera lept into the air to smack it into the back of the net.

After using the width for most of their attacking transitions, the Pirate defense began to draw out wide a bit more. This allowed the Redskin center midfield duo of Noah Goetsch and Carter Calvio to combo through the middle for Manteo’s second goal. Goetsch received a ball in the midfield from Herrera and played Calvio forward on a run up the middle. Goetsch then made a looping run behind his pass into the space that opened up as the defense shifted to Calvio and the ball. Calvio received the pass going forward and then squared it over to the overlapping Goetsch. Goetsch took a collecting touch and then crushed it into the back of the net, just under the crossbar.

Before the half would end, Trent Hayman and Oscar Rivera would both slot shots perfectly into the side netting of the goal to make it 4-0 at halftime.

Any and all attacking attempts via long ball were shut down by the Manteo defense in the first half.

Manteo kept the goals coming in the second half as Herrera combined with Andrew Hayman in the first ten minutes of the second half. After receiving a diagonal ball down the left flank, Herrera drove the ball to the end line and then sent a high, looping cross into the 18-yard box. The ball landed on top of the crossbar and bounced back into play. Andrew Hayman was there to head the ball into the goal before the goalie had a chance to punch it out.

Brayan Hernandez put one past the keeper to make it 6-0 and then Andrew Hayman headed home a cross from Calvio to make it 7-0. As the Redskins continued to dominate the run of play and earn a barrage of shots, the Pirates continued the hopeful long ball approach.

Manteo’s backline was pushed up to the midline when the ball was turned over in the midfield and a Pirate quickly launched the ball over the defensive line of Manteo. The speedy striker for Perquimans chased down the ball amidst pressure from the Manteo center-backs. As the ball rolled just inside the 18-yard box, Manteo’s goalkeeper, Steven Ortega, rushed out to force the issue. The keeper, the defenders, and the striker all seemed to converge on the ball at the same time, yet it was the striker that got the sliding touch with the inside of his right foot. The ball hit the outside of the side netting, skirted down the outside of the goal and rolled to the fence behind the goal. Ortega was hit in the nose during the play and was down holding a bloody nose. Both the referee and the AR pointed to the spot for a goal kick. Manteo’s defender walked behind the goal to gather the ball and set up for a goal kick.

The center referee dropped back in position for a goal kick but he was then called over by the AR, who pointed at the keeper and told him he got hit in the nose. The center ref then walked Ortega off the field. Manteo made a keeper change. Out of nowhere, the center ref was now calling for the ball to the middle for a kickoff, claiming that Perquimans scored.

The Manteo coach protested that the ball never entered the goal, as the ball was picked up 10 yards behind the goal. It was suggested that they should find a hole in the net if the ball went in, even though the (non) goal would have defied the laws of physics. The striker shot the ball from the right side on the outside of the near post, with the inside of his right foot. Therefore, it would be impossible for the ball to exit the right side netting.

The referees walked over, pulled the side netting up off the bottom bar, stretched it, and deemed it large enough for the ball to go through. Even the home side laughed aloud as they were awarded a goal that never happened.

Manteo finished up the game with another goal from Goetsch to make the scoreline 8-1.

Team Stats
Possession %
Attacking Transitions
Free Kicks
Successful Passes
Pass Success Rate

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “I was pleased with our overall style of play, but our passing accuracy and finishing focus was poor overall. They did a better job of defending this game but we should of put the game out of reach much quicker than we did.”

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