Manteo Out Performs The Pirates

On Tuesday, February 16th, your Manteo Redskins hosted the Perquimans Pirates for their third conference game of the season. The game was originally scheduled to be played on Monday, but the wash out of winter weather over the weekend left the field with standing water remaining on Monday. The pitch was playable by Tuesday afternoon, with only some mildly muddy areas throughout.

The afternoon of the 16th brought sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s. It was a welcome change from the cold, wet weather over the past month. Perhaps the weather change invigorated the Redskins, as they laid down an impressive and dominating performance against the Pirates.

Manteo quickly established themselves on the ball as they found early success with overloads on the flanks and crosses into the box. In the early minutes of the game, Manteo nearly netted their first goal as Trent Hayman found his brother, Andrew Hayman, open in the corner of the 18-yard box off a throw-in. Hayman was then able to turn inward, pick his head up and play a ball across the front of the goal, targeting Noah Goetsch’s run to the top of six-yard box. A recovering Pirate defender got a deflecting touch on the ball as he sprinted back towards his goal. The deflection threw off Goetsch’s initial pathway onto the ball and left him with a difficult shot on target. The goalkeeper was able to deflect Goetsch’s initial shot, and the ball bounced back out wide, giving Andrew Hayman a second attempt on goal. Hayman’s shot that was bound for the back of the net was deflected out of bounds by a defender that placed himself squarely on the goal line during the scramble in the box.

Hayman and Goetsch would both earn another attempt on goal before Manteo netted their first of many on the evening. Brian Estrada-Tovar took a goal kick for Manteo, finding Oscar Rivera in the midfield. Rivera was able to bring the ball down, turn and pick his head to to eye Richard Hernandez, demanding a through ball down the left flank. Rivera played Hernandez in over the high line and Hernandez was able to easily chase it down into the final attacking third. As Hernandez continued with the ball down the wing, Andrew Hayman made a 50 yard run down the center of the pitch. Hayman was comfortably sprinting alongside his defender, waiting for the ball in. Once Hernandez crossed the ball in, Hayman kicked it into fifth gear to get past his defender, and struck the ball on his first touch, finding the side netting for his first goal of the contest.

Shortly after going up by a score of 1-0, Goetsch doubled the score with a powerful leaping header from a corner kick taken by Trent Hayman. Goetsch’s aerial prowess was thoroughly demonstrated throughout the half as he seemed to win nearly every 50/50 ball in the midfield as well as in the 18-yard box.

Twelve minutes into the first half, Goetsch earned his brace, bringing the score to 3-0, by cleaning up a bouncing ball in a crowded 18-yard box. A minute later, Justin Ortega-Santos bagged his first goal of the season by also cleaning up a bouncing ball in the box. Ortega-Santos’ shot took a deflection from a defenders foot as he came in to challenge the shot, giving the shot a dramatic looping pathway caused by the backspin that froze the goalkeeper entirely, and allowed the ball to freely drop into the top corner of the goal.

After a fifteen minute goal drought, Andrew Hayman got the Redskins rolling again as Goetsch won a goal-kick to flick on the ball past the high line. This allowed Hayman to use his pace to earn a one on one with the goalkeeper. As the goalkeeper stayed on his line, Hayman calmly slotted the ball into the side-netting on his third touch of a 40 yard dribble.

Andrew Hayman earned his hat-trick minutes later when Trent Hayman was played into open space in the 18-yard box, off a well weighted slip pass from Goetsch. Trent Hayman eyed his brother on the far post, and passed the ball across the goal for Andrew Hayman to tap in, making the score 6-0.

Not to be out done my Andrew Hayman, Goetsch earned his hat-trick minutes later, as he cleaned up another bouncing ball in the box after Perquimans failed to clear the initial ball in from a corner kick.

Thirteen minutes remained in the first half, and Manteo’s bench had fully taken over the pitch. The Redskins continued to dominate the ball, executing combination play through the midfield, and finding quality service from the wingers. The backline did well to keep play in front of them and often initiated a switch of play along the backline.

Eight minutes remained on the first half clock when Eddie Tuberville was able to displace the ball from a Pirate midfielder, and play a forward pass between his legs to spring striker, Aiden Braswell, into space along the right flank. Braswell instantly cut in towards the goal, bursting by his remaining defender and attacked the near post. Braswell drew the goalkeeper to his near post and then passed the ball across the goal for Grey Clark to knock in his first varsity goal.

A minute later, Clark cemented his brace on the day by thumping in a ball that deflected to the top of the box from an initial cross. With four minutes remaining in the half, Jack Gregory bagged his first varsity goal to make the score 10-0 in favor of your Manteo Redskins. Jonah Baum sent in a well placed cross that was deflected out by a near post defender. Gregory rerouted his run to back track and collect the deflected ball atop the 18-yard box. Gregory took a collecting touch, eyed his spot on goal and then placed it in the near-post side netting, just past the outstretched fingers of the diving goalkeeper.

The game ended at the half in a 10-0 mercy ruling.

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “I feel the score line does not reflect the true quality of our opponent as they are a quality team. We simply enjoyed day and our attacking play was exploitive of the space we were given in the final third. It is great to see our second team come in and take over with out any drop off in the style or quality of play. Our team is incredibly deep and we will be tough to stop going forward.”

Game Stats:

Andrew Hayman: 3 goals.

Noah Goetsch: 3 goals, 1 assist.

Richard Hernandez: 1 assist.

Trent Hayman: 2 assists.

Jack Gregory: 1 goal

Justin Ortega-Santos: 1 goal

Aiden Braswell: 1 assist

Grey Clark: 2 goals.

Possession %60.3%39.7%
Attacking Transitions4326
Free Kicks22
Successful Passes9043
Pass Success Rate56%36%

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