Redskins Rebound on The Road

On Monday, October 4th, your Manteo Redskins traveled to Camden County to take on the Bruins. The fixture would mark the half-way point of conference play for the Redskins, as they were the only conference opponent they had yet to play.

Manteo verse Camden is a long standing conference rivalry, dating back to 2005, when Manteo dropped to 1A, and the Bruins were the top opponent for the Redskins. While the Bruins have had a tough run in conference play so far, Manteo could only expect the Bruins to be up for a spirited game.

The game got underway with heavy midfield play. Manteo controlled the ball, but most of the passing was done along their backline near the midline, and in the general midfield. Camden was well organized defensively and looked to keep everything in front of them.

Manteo separated themselves on the scoreboard with just 11 minutes having run off the clock. Amyas Kenyon took a corner kick on the right side. The ball was curled into the middle of the box. It was a low cross that Trent Hayman flicked behind him to keep the ball moving. Eddie Turberville of Manteo and several Bruins scrambled for the bouncing ball in the box. Turberville was able to get a boot to the ball as the shot found it’s way nicely through the mass of bodies in the box and into the back of the net. The Manteo center-back celebrated his first goal and the Redskins celebrated an early lead.

Over the course of the following ten minutes, Manteo settled in on the ball more, resulting from better off the ball movement by the midfield three. When the Bruins obtained possession in the midfield, they generally applied a short, short, long concept. Their third pass was often a long ball over the Manteo backline. The Manteo defense dealt with most of the long balls easy enough, but now and then, they made the situation more difficult than necessary, giving the Bruin attackers hopes at attacking opportunities.

Manteo’s Aidan Braswell was giving the Bruin backline fits as he shifted from wide to central roles. Braswell tested the keeper with a 35 yard blast that resulted in a Manteo corner kick, and well as earning two other shots at goal in the first half.

The Redskins were earning plenty of attacking opportunities in the first half, but were unable to finish the job. The teams would enter halftime with a 1-0 score-line in favor of Manteo.

The first ten minutes of the second half were rather poor from the Redskins. They were letting the Bruins hang around and while Camden had not earned a truly dangerous attacking opportunity, the Bruins knew they only needed one chance to equalize the game.

In the second ten minute period of the second half, Manteo picked their play back up, winning 50/50 balls, and dominating the ball, but they were still having trouble penetrating the deep backline of the Bruins.

Finally, with seventeen minutes remaining on the score clock, Manteo doubled their lead with a goal by Dylan Jones. Play began with Brian Estrada-Tovar breaking up play along the midline and starting a dribble up the middle of the pitch. Estrada-Tovar laid the ball off to Jonah Baum in the midfield who played a through ball for the run of Braswell. The pass beat the first defender but found the feet of the second defender. However, Braswell pounced on his poor touch, displaced the ball from the defender and quickly dribbled to the end-line, near the goal. Braswell stood the ball up near the end-line, drawing several defenders and the keeper to the near post. He then slipped a pass across the front of the goal as Jones made a run through the six yard box to tap it in for an easy goal.

The goal certainly deflated the Bruins hopes of an equalizing strike late in the game. The Bruins had failed to muster a real threatening attack all night, and now with the two goal deficit, the writing was on the wall.

Just two minutes after Manteo’s second goal, they earned their third. Jones won the ball near the midline and played backwards to Estrada-Tovar to reset their possession. Estrada-Tovar again dribbled up the middle before laying it off to Jones. Jones kept the ball moving by playing Cristian De Leon Ventura on the overlap. De Leon Ventura looked to slot Hayman in behind the line along the right side of the 18-yard box. Hayman’s defender was able to win the ball first but his clearance was disastrous as he knocked the ball into the center of the box. Kenyon received the errand clearance from the defender, took a first touch with his left foot as it came across his body to set up his second touch. Again, with the left foot, Kenyon passed the ball beyond the reach of the goalkeeper and into the goal.

In the final fifteen minutes of play, it was all Manteo, all the time. The Redskins finally began making attacking runs to penetrate the Bruin backline and home-side struggled to deal with the influx of runners. When Camden did work the ball up in the midfield, and tried to play out from their backline, Manteo freshman, Alonzo Hernandez-Torres, was there to relentlessly press every defender he could. Despite being the smallest player on the pitch, Hernandez-Torres made play after play in the final ten minutes, earning himself a couple shots and setting up other attacking opportunities.

With less than five minutes on the clock, Kenyon whipped in another low corner kick that bounced its way past everyone except Jones. Jones was ‘Johnny on the spot’ again for a second tap in goal to earn a brace on the evening.

The game concluded in a 4-0 victory for your Manteo Redskins.

Coach Cleaver stated after the game, “We have been working on and talking a great deal about runs in the final third. Finally, it was like a light bulb went off midway through the second half. Once we started making those attacking runs, looking to penetrate the backline, make them turn and face their goal, good things started happening and we took complete control of the game. Overall we played well, but certainly not our best. We need to mature as a team and learn to play our absolute best every single game, not matter the quality of the competition. That’s what championship teams do, and our goal is to be a championship team.”

Game Stats:

Dylan Jones: 2 goals

Eddie Turberville: 1 goal

Amyas Kenyon: 1 goal, 1 assist

Aidan Braswell: 1 assist

Trent Hayman: 1 assist

Team Stats:

Possession %58.4%41.6%
Attacking Transitions5440
Free Kicks310
Successful Passes15449
Pass Success Rate69%49%

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